Complete Planted Aquarium
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Complete Planted Aquarium

Planted aquariums are incredibly rewarding, you get to watch your plants slowly spread and take over your aquarium filling it with greenery. Setting it up can also be easy if you follow a simple guide. In order for plants to grow their best they will need to be fed CO2, have a proper substrate, good amount of lighting and additives in the water. Not to mention fairly regular maintenace, don't tlet this put you off however! We've setup what we believe is a solid beginners introduction to a planted aquarium. The tank is a good enough size to allow the plants to fill it out but not so big you go bankrupt buying everything... Due to better water quality of a planted tank you can be fairly generous with your live stock but don't get anything too big that will mess around with your well earned setup. For some more tips on setting up your planted aquarium you can read our guide here:

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